GERD Treatment Center
GERD Treatment Center  
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Linx System

New York Bariatrics and Laparoscopy

Exclusive Surgeons in Long Island and Queens trained in the newest,
successful breakthrough in GERD Treatment…

LINX® System
A new FDA Approved treatment for GERD
The LINX System treats GERD — at its source.

Linx System

GERD Treatment Center
No pills, No pain.

Nissen Fundoplication...
Laparoscopic keyhole surgery

A Full Comprehensive GERD Treatment Center
Diagnosis. Treatment.
Follow Up. Support.

Reflux Disease GERD

Diagnoses Of GERD

Diagnosis GERDIf you have are experiencing symptoms of GERD, we recommend that you call our office for a consultation. Our Team will perform the necessary, non-invasive tests to assess the degree of your GERDS.

After a diagnosis and it is determined the severity of your GERDs, our Team will discuss with you the possible treatment options that best fit your needs.

Some Possible Tests Used To Diagnosis GERD:

Upper GI Endoscopy -this allows the doctor to view the lining of your esophagus and stomach. It gives the doctor the ability to evaluate the condition of your valve and your anti-reflux barrier.

Barium Swallow Radiograph- A barium liquid contrast coats your stomach and the doctor is now able to see how food is passing through your system, see reflux as it is happening and see if there are any ulcers, hiatel hernias or other issues related to gastrointestinal disease.

Esophageal Manometry- measures how well the esophagus can move food into the stomach and the degree that your valve may be failing.

pH Monitoring- Monitoring your pH levels for 24 hours while you are going through your normal daily activities including eating and drinking.

What treatment options are available for GERD?

To schedule a consultation or for additional information,  please contact our office at 516.374.8631 or use our appointment plus scheduler.

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