GERD Treatment Center
GERD Treatment Center  
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Linx System

New York Bariatrics and Laparoscopy

Exclusive Surgeons in Long Island and Queens trained in the newest,
successful breakthrough in GERD Treatment…

LINX® System
A new FDA Approved treatment for GERD
The LINX System treats GERD — at its source.

Linx System

GERD Treatment Center
No pills, No pain.

Nissen Fundoplication...
Laparoscopic keyhole surgery

A Full Comprehensive GERD Treatment Center
Diagnosis. Treatment.
Follow Up. Support.

Treatment Options For GERDS


AntacidsMedication alleviates the symptoms of gastric reflux but it does not stop the disease progression. Overtime, the dosage usually needs to be increased and it means taking medications for the rest of your life.

Over the counter antacids are designed to neutralize the stomach acid. Short acting and used for infrequent or occasional heartburn or acid reflux.

H2 receptor blockers (most common Nexum’s Purple Pill) are designed to treat your acid production by blocking histamine. Overtime, these prescription drugs for acid reflux treatment are less effective and their doses need to be increased.

With today’s latest advances in technology, there are minimally invasive options which will treat GERD right at the source with an excellent success rate.

For additional information or to schedule a consultation, please call Tel: 516.374.8631.

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