GERD Treatment Center
GERD Treatment Center  
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Linx System

New York Bariatrics and Laparoscopy

Exclusive Surgeons in Long Island and Queens trained in the newest,
successful breakthrough in GERD Treatment…

LINX® System
A new FDA Approved treatment for GERD
The LINX System treats GERD — at its source.

Linx System

GERD Treatment Center
No pills, No pain.

Nissen Fundoplication...
Laparoscopic keyhole surgery

A Full Comprehensive GERD Treatment Center
Diagnosis. Treatment.
Follow Up. Support.

Treatment Options For GERDS

Patient Testimonials

Dear Drs. Gutman and Nishimura:

Robin Huang M.D.

It has been five months since my TIF procedure and I thought you might like a status update. The recovery period and the dietary phase-I consider to have been relatively uneventful. The initial discomfort lasted about three days diminishing with each successive day. By the fourth day it was barely noticeable. The diet sequence outlined in the documentation you provided was followed to the letter and although boring was not a big problem

The results of the surgery, I have to say appear at this point in tine to be a RESOUNDING SUCCESS. THE FIRE HAS GOE OUT AND WHAT IS LEFT IS AN OCCASIONAL SMOKING EMBER.

I have incidences of reflux over the first five months They were infrequent and mild, occurring mostly in the evening between 8 and 9 PM. I have been able to control them with two antacid tablets. I never had one episode in the last month and I am now able to eat and drink just about anything without significant ill effects.

I am now off of all medication associated with the reflux problem. I continued to take the Mucinex for about three and one half months because I still had some mucus problems. It gradually cut down and now I am off of that as well. It is a great relief to no longer have the cough that has plagued me for years and to also be drug free.

There is one side effect you might find interesting. I suffered from a snoring problem for some time. Since the surgery the snoring has stopped and seems to no longer be a problem (My wife would like to thank you both as well). Perhaps the reflux was the root cause.

Thank you again.

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